Barcarolle evening

December 7, 8 and 9. Performing Arts Center in Oxnard

Dec 13, 14 and 15 College of Performing Arts, Ventura


with Ventura County Ballet

performing the Celeste part in the Nutcracker

Doctoral recital

December 4th, Lotte Lehmann Hall

Somewhat of a bigger program, we will start with Sonatas of Mozart and Beethoven in the first half, and follow Rachmaninoff through a journey of six Etude Tableaux adding a "few" Preludes for the great finale. Looking forward to see you there!

Sunday, November 30th

Recital at Casa Dorinda!

Don't miss out on great music

This Tuesday, November 26th

an Afternoon concert


Come feel the early Christmas spirit with great classical selections!

Orange County

November 23rd

Duo performance at Hoson House

There will be refreshments served during intermission and after the concert!

Don't miss out <3

Wednesday, November 6th

First from a series of performances

in support of our elderly community in larger Santa Barbara area


Mark your calendars!

November 17, this time in Santa Barbara

don't miss our duo performance

September 6th, Coronini mansion

Before returning to California, we joined forces with our amazing Choir MePZ Vrtojba! It is always such a pleasure to perfrom for my local township and people who have supported me throughout my entire journey!

Thank you all and see you next year <3

Have you seen my short presentation on the recent perfromance at Montage? I got to talk, not only play this time :)

June 8

Doctoral Chamber recital

Lotte Lehmann hall


August, 2018

Dvorec Coronini, Slovenia

Chamber Recital , From Beethoven Violin Sonata to Two piano Ravel and many beauitful singing tunes. Don't miss out on tonight's guests!

Los Angeles International Liszt competition — Nov 23, 2016 6:24:20 AM

Graduate pianist Petra Peršolja won second prize in Division 5 of the Los Angeles International Liszt Competition this past weekend, November 19-20. She performed Franz Liszt's Tarantella (Années de pèlerinage II), and competed against sixteen other pianists. Ms. Peršolja is a doctoral student in the UCSB Department of Music, where she studies with Professor Paul Berkowitz. She holds a Master of Music in Piano Performance from the University of Hawaii, a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from Rowan University in New Jersey, as well as a Bachelor of Music in Piano Pedagogy from the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia.

Ms. Peršolja with two of the judges: Justin Kolb (a member of the Board of Directors of the American Liszt Society) and Hungarian pianist Éva Polgár.

Although this year I will have to focus all my powers into writting my dissertation, my last doctoral recital is in the oven :)

Joshua Bell at the Granada Theatre

Piano on fire

Nikolai Kapustin


Montage 2016

Do not give up before 36 minutes :)

Awesome Ravel duo

Seong Jin Cho in concert at UCSB Oct 16, 2018

Piano department meets the artist

Art Venture — Nov 10-11

Piano Planet